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Design your home or office with real authentic art and at the same time donate money and help those who lost everything in the October 7th Attack on Israel


75% of all purcheses will be transfered to the families evacuated from their homes around the Gaza strip


*The price of the painting does not include shipping

Abstract Background


סנהדרין 7 ת"א

6291640   ישראל



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Michal Yaffe


Masters degree in art history

Donating my paintings in order to help the families that lost everything in the horrendous attack of October 7th in Israel.

You are welcome to purchase a painting and design your space while at the same time help the families affected by the war.


2021 - Bavli exhibit - "In the time of Covid 19"

2017 - "bread and roses"

2015 - "Love art, Create art" by TLV municipality

2013 - "Love art, Create art" by TLV municipality

2012 - "Bread and roses" - Kastiel house

2012 - "Lo Tzamot Zayn"

2012 - Mobile gallery

2012 - Tova Osman Galley - single artist exhibit

2011 - "bread and roses" - Shenkar

2011 - Open studio

2011 - "Together - TLV"

2010 - "Belong, dont belong"

2010 - "Secret Art"

2010 - "Bread and roses"

2009 - Leumi Bank collection

2009 - "Love art, Create art" by TLV municipality

2009 - P8, Bertart Gallery

2009 - "Mirror mirror #2" - Tova osman gallery

2009 - exhibit in the 'House of Artists'

2008 - "Secret Art"

2008 - art installation in 'Window' gallery

2007 - Midrasha

2006 - Photo art in the museum of Petach Tikva

 עוד קצת אודות מיכל וציורים

October 2023

היה היה בוקר אחד.
בוקר של שבת, בוקר שחשבנו שיהיו שמחת תורה וחגיגות

אותו בוקר התעוררנו כולנו בלי הודעה מקדימה

הבוקר הזה התעוררנו כולנו לחלום נוראי

הבוקר הזה עם החלום הרע, עד היום לא נגמר